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[89] Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFMitsuharu Matsuoka@DateF2018/02/02() 09:26@[ ԐM ]
This is a test.

[71] Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2016/01/08() 11:38@[ ԐM ]
Write an essay, between 250 and 300 words in length, describing your most unforgettable person. Use description and examples to explain why you think this person is different from other people.

[75] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFI@@DateF2016/01/11() 20:49
One of my unforgettable person is S. S is my best friend, at least to my side, and she helped me many times. Yes,ghelpedh.
In my youth, we met each other. At first, to the true, I did not realize her because she was not prominence. She was likely to be shy and silent. Her tendency felt alone and desired not to be disliked by any others. To my look, she had many friends, but she never had gtrue friendh. Every time, she wanted to be with anyone else, and non-friend fear seemed to urge her to do so.
One day, some boy, to be true I had disliked him, fell in her: I was somewhat curious about it. First, I and other pupils annoyed them. See? The GOSSIP was liked by us and made us journalists. We enjoyed the event and felt happy. Every day, the scoop drove us to make fun of them.
While these happy days, I often saw her every day and became to like her ironically. And, to my happy, after few days he gave up her because he realized that her desk was messy. I laughed.
Then, another few days passed, she asked me to play with me. I, of course, said OK. Since that promise, we used to enjoy our weekend lives as many as possible. She often helped me when I was in my troubles.
After few years, however, we had a terrible quarrel. We have not talked each other since that event. I hope that I would have a day with her, but even now, we do not.

[77] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFc@t؁@DateF2016/01/13() 20:29
When I was in the fourth grade, I moved to the present town and I have lived in it since then. At the same time, a boy changed his school. Although I do not remember when we talked each other first, I am sure that we were on friendly terms. As far as I saw, he was a very strange and difficult man. Let me introduce some episodes that I think so.
First, sometimes a boy did an unusual action. The most forgettable thing is that he swallowed several killifish which lived in a schoolfs biotope. Before he did so, he said that he could eat killifish. His friends jeered at him, and he behaved as his announcement in front of me! It was very crazy.
Second, a boy often came to school in an injured state. One day, I saw a big burn on the back of the hand. He told me that his father pressed tobacco upon him. In truth, he was ill-treated. In those days I did not understand how serious this was, but when I went to his house and he was struck by his father, I was very shocked. His father seemed to do half in joke, so I worried him. He said to me that he was all right, however, he looked hard.
A boy, who did something unexpected occasionally and had some problems, also was kindly person. When I cried because of breaking my favorite pencil case, he said strongly to me gNever cry.h
I have not seen a boy for years. At times, I think what he is doing now. I wish he would stay well.

[78] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFʓގq@DateF2016/01/15() 06:35
My most forgettable person is an English teacher who were my class teacher when I was eighteen. I will call him here gS.h Now I like him as a respected teacher, but when I just met him I hate him so much. Every day, he made us, women students wear long skirts repeatedly and said to us something about our ties strictly. He had goggly eyes, so when he watched me I felt scared.
My dream was to be a writer of music magazines. One day, I told S about it, and he was surprised and got happy. It is because he worked as a writer of a music magazine before he became an English teacher! He cheered me very much. Since then I have been told to learn about rock music. He said to me gYou must not tell about music without the knowledge of the history of rock music!h
Rock stars came in my world, and I came to listen to their music. The Beatles, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Janis Joplinc. I began to study about rock music from the 1950fs harder than English though I was the person who would have to take exams for universities. I learned to say about the most famous guitarists of the world. I learned to answer the debut music of the Beatles.
S was a weird teacher, for he made the students solve subculture problems as special ones when regular tests. Though many students didnft like him partly because he had such aspect, I liked him including his strangeness.
I still have been keeping touch with S. He is an old difficult man to please and has aspects which irritates me, but I think that our relationship is very good.

[79] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFF@DateF2016/01/19() 01:37
My most unforgettable person is my English teacher in my high school days. I took his English classes for three years, and he was a class teacher when I was a senior. He is really gentleman. He is lively in spite of his age. Above all, his class was particularly good, and I totally owe my English skill to him.

First, what he taught to us was very helpful for my college entrance examination. For example, the way he explained the structure of a sentence and writings was easy to understand. This way enabled me to read English writings more quickly and to understand more easily. He also gave some difficult writings, so I was able to read complex writings. In addition, as my class teacher, he advised me on what to do in order to pass the examination.

Second, his teaching style greatly influence my teaching style. I work as a teacher at a juku. I teach English by imitating his way to teach. For instance, he always said, gAn abstract sentence is followed by specific sentences.h I use this word to explain how to solve reading comprehension question. If I did not be taught by him, I would not be able to teach English now.

He is a best English teacher in my life. I aim to become teacher like him. gNow is time to act!h This is his message for me when I graduated from high school. I try to challenge various things with this word in my heart.

[80] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFczl@DateF2016/01/20() 09:26
My unforgettable person is my class teacher in my elementary school. She was a not only strict but also affectionate teacher and had charge of our class for four years in total. She always considered about our school life and future seriously. Many students, of course including me, were helped by her.
When I was in elementary school, I cannot have plenty of confidence in myself; if once things about me came up in otherfs conversation, I cannot but feeling fear, which made me more timid. However, when I went on to fifth grade, I decided to change my negative mind and belonged to a committee which planed events for students due to my class teacherfs recommendation. She supervised this committee and advised me many things about not only the events but also my own attitude of my mind. g Onefs reluctance to do is more shameful thing than onefs failure which is resulted in doing things actually.h she often said it to me, which becomes my unforgettable word even now.
One of the most wonderful points of my class teacher is her equal attitude toward her students. Regardless of the studentfs performance, she scolded us if we did something wrong and praised us if we did something good. Teachers should fairly treat their students, but some teachers donft treat them equally. It is one of the most important for students to be treated equally by their teacher. In this respect, my class teacher is the best teacher for all of teachers I know.
If I did not meet my class teacher, my life may be different from present life. Thanks to her help, I can have confidence in myself and choose things which I want to do. I thank her from the bottom of my heart

[81] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFOH@G؁@DateF2016/01/21() 17:45
My forgettable person is a friend of mine. He is different from other people. Let me explain about him.

First, he was extremely shy and quiet. We did not know the reason. When I saw him for the first time, I thought he was very cold-blooded person because he spoke almost nothing when we were with him, and we could not know what he thought. However, soon I found that he need longer time than us to get along with people, and he always hear our stories earnestly. One day, he got to speak something with us and laugh loudly. When he spoke to us, he looked into our eyes, and we thought as if he had scan us. This is the first point that he was different from other people.

Second, as I mentioned above, he was shy. However, he loved to sing, and he was a good singer. We were surprised to hear that he would perform his singing at the stage of our school festival. At the stage, he looked different person. He sung well and he looked active person. He was so enthusiastic for the things he love, and he had never done the things he hate instead. This is the second point that he was different from us.

Lastly, he was always on our side and cheer us up. When we failed something, he always told us quietly that gDo not give up. You can do it.h I cannot forget his words and the gap between his appearance and his actual character.

[82] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFR@^Rq@DateF2016/01/21() 22:59
My most unforgettable person is Mr. Suzuki, who was a teacher of swimming club in my junior high school. He was very strict but too kind. Let me explain some episodes about me and him.

When I was elementary school, I belonged to music club and I regretted belonging the club because I noticed to have loved swimming more than playing music. So when I become a junior high school student, I soon decided to belong to a swimming team. When I was a first-year student in junior high school, the training was a little tough and I was able to enjoy swimming.

But in my second year of junior high school, a big change happened. The teacher in the swimming club was changed and new teacher came to our team. He was exactly my most unforgettable person and Mr. Suzuki. He was full of enthusiasm and our practice became very hard since he came. He made us swim 10000m even though we had ever swum 5000m. He made us note the dayfs menu and submit it to him. The practice menu which he made was too tough so I sometimes wanted to quit swimming, but I cannot stop swimming because it is very joyful when I could swim at new record time. The bonds of the company in the swimming club became strong as we practiced together. He also listened to me when I suffered from my relationship of one of my friends. He thought about us seriously.

Thanks to him, I became patient because I had endured strict menu. What I am now is influenced too much by him. That is why he is my most unforgettable person.

[83] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFk@a@DateF2016/01/22() 08:47
The most unforgettable person for me is a teacher when I was a junior high school student. He was a math teacher and was an advising teacher of my schoolfs brass band club. Now, the school he works changed from the time and it is rare for me to meet him even if I visit my old school.
The reason I select him for this topic is not because his math class was so great. I was a member of the brass band club, and he directed our band and coach the each student. It is extremely difficult for young beginners to play several musical instruments, so we couldnft so much as produce only one sound at first. Although we students made progress slowly from a very low level, yet he wasnft content with the situation. His way to teach us how to improve each musical skills and create music was quite hard and severe. It was sometimes intolerable, however, the speed of our improvement was wonderful and much of us notice the pleasure of playing, I think.
He was a person who seldom praises our efforts or sounds or performances with his words. His remarkable achievements as a brass band adviser had too great powers to make us follow his coaching. Certainly, there were some students didnft approve his way to make sounds and music, but I respect his strict guides because he never compromised with the original states. In those days, I didnft understand the greatness of the spirit. As time passes since I live apart from him, I realize it.
My encounter with him changed my lifestyle and point of view. If it had been not for the meeting him, I would not continue my brass band life and live like todayfs me. These are the reason why I cannot forget the person.

[84] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFsш߁@DateF2016/01/22() 23:03
My most unforgettable person is my senior at high school. She and I belonged to the same club activities, a brass band club. We also played the same musical instrument, the oboe. She was a really good oboe player, and I have respected her since I heard her tones for the first time. Let me explain some stories about her and how great she is.

After I entered a high school, there were tours of many clubs. I participated in the tour of a brass band club. Those interested in the club, including me, listened to a great performance in the tour. There was the solo for oboe, and I was fascinated by its tune. It was my senior that played the oboe. Her music was so sophisticated and beautiful. At that time, I decided to join the brass band club and wanted to play the oboe like her.

Then, I entered the brass band club and could belong to the oboe part. I did not know how to play the oboe at the beginning, so my senior taught me everything tenderly despite the fact that she had been busy with the practice of her solo part for a competition. In the competition, she performed perfectly, was praised by many judges and was awarded a gold prize.

She helped me many times even after she retired the brass band club. When I was distressed not to be able to express what I wanted to perform, she gave me some advices. These advices led me play the oboe better. I really thank and admire her. I am looking forward to seeing her this spring.

[86] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameFC MAIL@DateF2016/02/05() 23:55
I have an unforgettable person. This is a teacher when I was in junior high school. Let me show her character.

First, he taught mathematic and basketball. I belonged to the basketball club. I practiced basketball hard. However, I was not able to play it to the extent that I was satisfied. Eventually, I started to cry. I was very so sad that I could not play it well and I wanted to stop practicing it. Because I do not want my teammates to see me crying, I hided and I went out. Then, she came to me and she said to me, gI looked that you had practiced so hard. Also, I believe that you will be good player.h I was very glad, because she believed me. I could not believe myself, but she did. Therefore, I got fine and I could continue the basketball club.

Second, she married when I was 14 years old and then I joined her wedding.
She was very beautiful and looked happy. The time before, I never look any wedding directly. Her wedding was so impressive. Then, I thought that I wanted to be such a bride.

Third, she was so kind to everyone. She helped a lot of people to consult. She did not reject them. Therefore, they thanked to her. Of course, I was helped her.

In these ways, she was a wonderful person. I want to be a person like her. To be so, I try to help various people and I try to believe them definitely.

[88] RE:Topic 7: My most unforgettable person@NameF䍎@DateF2016/02/07() 23:05
My most unforgettable person is my junior high school teacher. He was my music teacher and an adviser for my club, orchestra club. He was passionate and unique. Let me show the two stories of him.

It was when we were practicing to sing for school chorus festival. gYou are not singing seriously yet! I wonft have you attend the festival.h We were shocked very much, and practiced harder. One week later, we asked him to come to listen to our song in our classroom. We sang as seriously as possible. After that, he said "OK. You can take part in the festival. But, it isn't your best. Practice more". The day of the festival came. In spite of our nervousness, we did our best. As a result, we won the first prize. Some classmate was crying. It is one of the most impressive memories.

Half and one year had passed after the festival, I heard inside story of him from another teacher. Truly, one classmate told his parents that when the teacher couched our singing, he said "you are stupid". The parents got angry, and called the school in order to complain about that. Surprisingly, however, the teacher answered "I have not said a wrong thing. It is natural, so I said". This story amazed me so much. An ordinary teacher would quickly apologize, and never say such a thing.

The teacher always hoped for what he thought was right. He was so frightened, but also respected by the students. He has been the man I want to be since then.

[54] Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/12/15() 13:27@[ ԐM ]
"Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it." — John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was not alone among wealthy industrialists in his thoughts on charity. Fellow business titan Andrew Carnegie also observed, "One of the serious obstacles to the improvement of our race is indiscriminate charity." Do you agree with Rockefeller and Carnegie, or do you believe that charity is necessary and beneficial? Explain your position, between 250 and 300 words in length, with reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations or reading.

[63] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFczl@DateF2015/12/23() 11:28
I agree with their statements. They have good points. Let me give two reasons for this idea.
First, long-term charity makes the recipients become familiar with a soft situation where someone always helps them. In short-term charity, they feel sorry for someonefs help to them and try to overcome their difficulty aggressively. On the other hand, long-term charity tends to decrease their will of resistance to their difficulty. If they accustom themselves to being helped, they may well be helped by someone. This situation leads them to be reluctant to try their problem. It is not necessarily suitable for them to receive someonefs free support. A strong will which they overcome their difficulty by themselves is needed. Therefore the charity must play a role of an enhancer for their will.
Second, seen from a view of relationship between the states, developing countries cannot be independent of developed countries which serve with financial aid. Thanks to financial aid, developing countries can improve their problem such as transportation and electricity and food supply, but if they cannot stabilize their regime on their own after a finish of aids, they no longer keep good supply for their nation. Developed counties must be responsible for their aid. Disorderly support never be benefit of developing countries. They should support developed counties in order not to solve only their present problems but to promote their future independence.
To sum up, randomly charity is seemed to be harmful for the recipients rather than be advantageous. The charity must be a support which promote their independence of it, and server of it should consider support plan to do so. Their independent solution is the best result of it.

[64] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFc@t؁@DateF2015/12/28() 19:47
I generally disagree with this statement. Let me give two reasons for my disagreement.
First, I believe whatever charity is not in vain. When some people suffer from disasters, necessary is not only much time but also vast money in order to rebuild. So much money is needed in a long time. However, governmentes support does not continue so long. Therefore charity from ordinary people is important. Although as time passes a calamityes memory would disappear from people little by little, prolonged money support is required. The more money, the better. Actually, we can see a collecting box for The Great East Japan Earthquake throughout Japan. Some live in temporary houses even now. When someone must have an operation in a foreign country by serious illness, the same can be said.
Second, support from developed countries is needed for developing ones. Now many people in those areas are afflicted with many problems, which are diseases, poverty, and malnutrition. They must need help. Because it is difficult that they develop by their own efforts at present, wealthy countries should give relief to them. If anyone says most money is not used properly, we should teach them how to use that money. To begin with, it is impossible that those who do not have enough money become independent. Pending their independence safely, money support is the duties of developed countries.
In conclusion, charity is never hypocrisy. Now many volunteers act for sufferers from disasters and children who do not fully receive foods or vaccines. Then the recipients are greatly helped. Charity should be done more.

[65] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFOH@G؁@DateF2015/12/31() 22:18
I agree with the statements above, and I think that charity is necessary. Let me explain the reason why I think so.

Economic and social gaps occur among people in this capitalistic society. Some people have a mint of money, but others have too little money to live on. Charity is the good way to fill their gaps. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is an example of it. This foundation was built by Bill Gates and his wife, and it is one of the largest foundations in the world. He is one of the richest people in the world, so he has a mint of money. This foundation invests money for study of infections. If we succeed to develop medicines for infections, they improve unhygienic conditions, and lives of people who live in that condition. It may solve some social conflicts.

Although charity is important and beneficial things, we should know that it is not good for poor people when we give too many supports to them. If we give them too much money, they cannot live without our support. It is the same as we predominate them. Are they happy with our dominations? Today, many famous people build their foundations and hold charity events, but more and more sponsors and participants do not have their awareness that they support poor people.

In conclusion, charity is beneficial. It is one of the best way to solve social problems. However, we have to judge the limit, and make efforts for happy lives of many people in this world.

[66] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFI@@DateF2016/01/03() 22:32
I completely agree with the above opinion. Let me give two reasons for my complete agreement.
First, donation recipients tend to regard having charity as natural. Even though they appreciate donations at first, while the situations keeping, it becomes normal. At last it causes them depend on charities and makes them idle. They do not work by themselves. No. They cannot work for themselves by themselves. They just live without working by themselves, relying on charities which other people sure to think that help them. Ilonically, giving donation people intend to help others, but these acts make them charity addictions and disturb their financial independence.
Second, in terms of keeping of giving donation, sending parts have too much hardship. Donation needs a lot of money. There are too many people who desire charity. Of course, some of them absolutely need money or some stuffs, but too much donation can cause recipients dependences. If recipients become charity addictions, charity is no longer useful for helping them. How, however, do we recognize the reasonable charity scales?
The reasons mentioned above lead me to believe that we cannot recognize how much money or stuff we should donate others and donations can lead recipients charity addictions, so charity is injurious.

[67] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFזbށ@DateF2016/01/04() 17:51
I totally disagree with the statement above. Let me give two reasons for my complete disagreement.

First, no charity, no advantages in socially vulnerable, for example, people in developing countries, unemployed, and refugees. There is no way to improve their quality of lives as long as theyfre not told by someone has knowledge or they donft receive kinds of helps. Since we still have many social problems, it is natural variety charities are held. I think it is our, people in developed countries and wealthy people, duty to take care of people in need. This is due to realize our peaceful future where we get equal opportunities to do what we want to do.

Second, I consider Rockefellerfs and Carnegiefs opinions are selfish ones. They care about just necessities and benefits for themselves and ignore socially ones. Of course it is true that long term charities tend to continue, therefore the recipient have troubles to become independent of it. However, I suggest the most important thing is to try to find out good plan for both. Even though a charity would take long time, when it plans to make recipient independent from help at the end, this problem could be solved.

In conclusion, we should keep charity since theyfre necessary and beneficial. Even if it has risk to needs long time and makes recipients dependent on helps, when we think enough and make detailed plans, in order they finally become independent. Besides, nothing is more important than love, havenft you ever heard?

[68] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFsш߁@DateF2016/01/07() 16:23
I completely disagree with the above statement. It is mistaken opinion. Let me give you three reasons for my complete disagreement.

First, imagine people in disaster-stricken areas. Because of earthquakes, tsunami and floods, many of them lost their houses and fortunes. They are also short of food and daily necessaries. Volunteers often collect donations and give them to the sufferers. Actually, after the great earthquake occurred in Tohoku Region, many contributions have been given to people in the region by many people not only from Japan but also from foreign countries. These donations must be useful to rebuild the areas after disasters and to make their lives better.

Second, there are many sick people who cannot have operations because they do not have enough money. The media sometimes report on these people. The reports may enable audience to realize that there are such people in the world, and some of them may intend to donate their money. Thanks to the donations, sick people can get money to undergo the operations, and this leads to save their lives.

Third, charity is essential for people in developing countries. Many developed countries make a contribution to them. The contribution is often used to build schools and to buy vaccines and medicine. Children can get opportunities to go to school, and people can save their lives. Charity makes the developing countriesf environment more comfortable.

For these reasons mentioned above, I am justified in concluding that charity can help people in inconvenient situations. If we can afford to donate, we should do positively.

[69] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFF@DateF2016/01/08() 00:09
I largely disagree with these opinions, and I think that charity is important. Let me give two reasons for my disagreement.

For the first reason, there are many things which the recipients cannot manage to do by their own efforts. For example, developed countries supply vaccines to developing countries in order to save lives there. Under the present conditions, developing countries lack personnel, skill and facilities to make vaccines for themselves. This means that if developed countries fund them to start a project of making vaccines, it will take long time to complete the project. Furthermore, during this time, a lot of lives will continued being lost. Therefore, charity which encourage the recipients to become independent is best, but charity which the recipients just enjoy is also necessary activity.

For the second reason, charitable activities will succeed when small minds of charity in each person gather. The indiscriminate charity is difficult. Those who devote themselves to charity is minority. Most people, however, want to help people in need even a little. The donation for disaster-stricken areas is remarkable example. I think that indiscriminate charity is not always necessary.

In conclusion, every kinds of charity is useful and important. My idea that we give to charity with an immediate effect for the recipients while giving to charity whose goal is to do things for themselves is good for them. I also think that people have more or less charitable spirits, and it saves the recipients regardless of the degree of it. We do not have to try to do perfect charity.

[72] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFC MAIL@DateF2016/01/08() 12:47
I do not agree their statements. Let me give some reasons for this idea.

First, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were in the upper class. They had a lot of money and they had power to progress on their own. Of course, they had serious efforts to success in their fields, however, they might have some kind of charity. I want to ask them about the way to get adults. Their parents brought up them for a long time. It should relate with charity. Although it gave them a lot of benefits, they disagree about charity. To put it shortly, it is the same thing as disagreeing them selves.

Second, in Japan, some companies that want to try progress at new areas need a lot of money. If they cannot get enough money, they cannot study and not carry out what they want to do enough. Thanks to charity, they can succeed. Then, such successes have been increased and our life will get easier and richer.

Third, when there is a disaster in a country, charity is essential. Disaster is horrible. It destroys various things, for example, houses, traffic network and lifeline. The country cannot survive on oneself. At that time, charity helps it. Therefore, it can regain its power earlier. In this way, charity makes many people happy. They will be thankful to charity. Therefore, when they get adults and have money, they will start to give money to other people who are trouble.

In conclusion, charity helps all people, although they do not notice that.

[73] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFka@DateF2016/01/11() 12:01
I completely agree with the above statement. This situation often tend to be brought about, however, I think too much and indiscriminate charity often causes a dependence on the charity to recipients. Let me give two reasons for my opinion and my answer for it.
First reason is that a long-running and complete charity has the recipients think that charity is a matter of course. Once they become familiar with the situation, they do not try to be independent, and it will become quite difficult to leave the hothouse existence. For example, modern people come to use their computers or smart-phones, then the changes from hiragana to kanji are left to those. And now, it is frequently said that many people even adults cannot write kanji. Like this, complete supports donft always act to good directions.
Second, if the charity doesnft accompany the method to live without any support, the recipients certainly fail to become independent. For instance, when you teach something difficult to master to another person, how should be the way to instruct the thing? At the beginning of the practice, you have to teach very attentively. After a short time, however, you must let the person struggle with the thing by themselves. Unless you gradually withdraw, he/she will never learn the thing. The same sort of this can be said to the charity for the recipients. They cannot be independent with perfect supports.
In conclusion, too much charity prevents recipients from establishing themselves. Then, what is suitable charity for independence? My answer for this problem is a support changing the rate of it depending on the recipientsf stage: at first it must be complete, and should be light step by step. It is exactly a charity required to give.

[74] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameFR^Rq@DateF2016/01/11() 15:52
I completely agree this opinion. Let me give some reason for my agreement.

Now in developing countries, there are a lot of problems and medical system is not arranged. The number of doctors and nurse is very few and vaccine is not enough. So children who took disease are not available to see a doctor and if they can be seen by doctors, they cannot accept satisfied treatments.

The water which we can drink safety is also not supplied there. People in develop countries are drinking dirty water. If there were some wells, there would be few people who have to walk to get water a few hours. It is tough to carry a lot of water every day, and the work is conducted by children. Children have to carry water so they cannot go to school.

We can do many things to help situations like above. If we correct caps of PET bottles, we can give children who cannot take good treatments vaccines and we can help these children. If we participate in fund-raisings, we can contribute to activities of groups established to make wells in developing countries.

Why we do charity activities is not only to help peoplefs life in developing countries but also to help these countries develop their infrastructures. If we help it, they can also ready to develop their economy and cleanliness.

We are also under the same conditions. For example in study, we cannot improve our grades only by being taught by teachers. We have to study on our own.

Like us, all the people in developing countries have to do is become independent from our help. They have to operate their countries on their own some time. We only help their independent now.

[87] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity@NameF䍎@DateF2016/02/07() 01:54
I strongly agree with their arguments. Charity is not always helpful for people. Please let me offer the reason for my agreement.

I hear the story of people in Africa given charity by foreigner. They were given some goods for daily life, equipment for their jobs, and studying set such as a text, a notebook, and a pen. At first, getting them, they were thankful for a group that offered them, worked hard every day, and made use of them well. Children were able to study. Hearing this, the group was satisfied and sure that their work would be successful, but it was wrong. After a while, people started to stop to work, hoped to be provided not equipment but only money. Some parents even sold their childrenfs texts in order to get some money. What happened? Perhaps, they thought gWe do not have to work, get jobs. Volunteers give us whatever we wanth. It is sad, but natural thing. Considering such a situation, it can be said that charity makes them dependent.

I think charity is useful only when purposes and reasons are understood. Enough explaining are necessary. Only to give charity makes us satisfied with it, but does not help them to be independent. This is very irresponsible. The best teacher tells them how to catch fish, does not catch fish for them. Before offering charity, we must think about how they can make use of it and live by themselves. We must not be satisfied with charity itself.

[85] Warning!@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2016/02/04() 11:40@[ ԐM ]
To Fukui-kun and Matsubara-san

Remeber to write seven Criterion essays before February 8. Otherwise, you could not get my credit. You have written none of the essays yet.

I would be only too glad if anyone here could let them know this warning.

[48] Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/12/01() 12:54@[ ԐM ]
Some people say that computer technology gives an unfair advantage to a privileged few. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement above? Support your views, between 250 and 300 words in length, with specific examples from your own experience, observations or reading.

[52] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFczl@DateF2015/12/11() 09:01
I almost agree with the statement that computer technology gives advantages only to privileged few. I have two reasons for this.
First, those who make full use of computer can get much more information than those who donft make use of it. Nowadays, almost all information exist in the Internet, and we can get much information which we need. Although we can look for the information by means of literatures, the Internet enable us to search for it and its sources more quickly. Quick searching help us save time and refer to additional sources efficiently. If we donft use computer, we have to begin with searching required sources to get information which we want to get; itfs a waste of time and effort.
Second, computer makes us convenient to contact other people. When we write a letter, it takes not a little time to correct its composition and send it to other people. On the other hand, e-mail enables us to correct its composition more easily and quickly, and we can send it in a moment by simple operations. In addition, we can also send an e-mail to a large number of people at the same time. If we try to do so by writing letters, we must write many letters which are all the same contents, and the work makes us tired. In this point, e-mail is superior to letter.
It is surely said that computer technology gives many benefits to its user, but it doesnft necessarily give only benefits. Too much information lower its quality and exactness. If we believe that all information is correct, we mistake the judge. Also e-mail whose sender is unknown cause troubles. We must consider these dangers.

[53] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFF@DateF2015/12/12(y) 10:25
I completely disagree with the above statement. A spread of smart phones all over the generation show that computer technology gives usefulness to all generation, and there are a lot of courses you can learn how to use computers. Let me give two reasons for my disagreement.

First, it is easy for all generation to use smart phones, which means all people get the advantage of computer technology. You can do many things, such as getting information and taking photos, with a smart phone. For example, my mother is not good at using the computer, but she learns how to use the smart phone from me and makes full use of it for various purpose. I think that this computer technology, smart phone, does not causes disadvantage.

Second, various kinds of courses give people many opportunities to master the computer. For instance, some high schools and universities offer classes to teach students the basics of computers. Even more, ACT offers online courses of Excel and programing, so not only students but also adults can learn how to use computers. Thanks to this, you are able to be familiar with computers if you take these courses. There is the environment those who want to have advantage in using computers can get the chance to do so.

In conclusion, I think that there is not an unfair difference of advantage between a privileged few and others. Today, smart phones offer great convenience to all generation, and the condition that all people can master how to use computers are satisfied. Everyone can enjoy the advantages of computer technology.

[55] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFc@t؁@DateF2015/12/15() 20:52
I almost disagree with this statement. Let me give for two reasons.
First, I think a computer is an invention which was made in the human`s process of evolution like a car, a television, or a telephone. These inventions have each treatment. Occasionally some people are not good at this use. Therefore, it is not strange that some feel nervous about the computer. That is to say, as most of the people have strengths and weaknesses, some people are skillful at the computer and others not. I believe it is exaggeration that computer technology made some privileged.
Second, we have many chances to study a computer. Now we can learn how to use the computer in school. Most schools have a computer room, and many children take lessons about the use of from turning on the computer to expressing their favorites by PowerPoint. Moreover, many people hold computer courses. So everyone can be taught the computer; not only the elderly, but also the middle-aged. Even if we feel the difference in skills when we work, we can catch up. Still, some may say they cannot understand a computer`s treatment. For them, there are many simple computers in modern times. These have many advantages, which are easy to read by bigger letters or have limited important functions. Many developers may want everyone to use the computer normally, and be trying to search the way every day. Their action prevented us from being privileged.
In conclusion, certainly, some are poor at a use of computer, but it may be not true that computer technology completely gives us unfair advantage.

[56] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFOH@G؁@DateF2015/12/15() 23:32
I agree with the statement above. Today, cell phones and computers are spreading among us rapidly. However, some people do not have them or cannot use them. I think that we sometimes behave unfairly because we often think that to have cell phone or computer is natural for everyone.

When I was a junior high school student, almost all of my classmates had their own cell phones or computers. We often discussed plans and schedules of preparations for the school festival on SNS, such as LINE, and Twitter. One day, our class leader changed a schedule suddenly. She told us about that in a group talk room of SNS. Fortunately, I had my cell phone, and I was the member of that group talk room, I knew about that. However, of course, my classmates who did not have their cell phones or computers could not know about that. Like this, we can behave unfairly without a clear consciousness.

If you do not have your own cell phone or computer, you may suffer a loss. You cannot get a specific job if you do not have particular skill of computer. And today, many universities use the Internet application system. It is said that almost all of universities will use it in the future. Some shop introduce E-mail coupons too. We can give a discount if we use the Internet discount system of some universities now, but you cannot receive that benefit without using this system.

In conclusion, I think that people who can use or have mobiles are given unfair benefit@by computer technologies, and we have to take an action to improve the problems of the gaps that computer technologies can cause.

[57] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFR@^Rq@DateF2015/12/17() 15:47
I almost agree with this agreement. An information society is growing and science technologies are developed. In such condition, the gap between people who can use computers easily and those who have trouble in using computers are becoming wilder. Let me give some reasons for my agreements.

Thanks to the development of computerfs technology, we depend on computers too much. For example, in college, we do homework on computers. Even in an elementary school, teachers conduct a class by using computers. How to use computers, how to type keyboard or how to process date is part of the curriculum of the school so that children can adapt the information society. I have also used computers since I was a student in elementary school, so I have not felt that using computer is too tough for me. Like above, young people can learn to use computers and live in the world of information society.

However, there are some people who cannot use computers and suffer from pressure on using computers. My mother is a good example. Since she has not learned how to use computers at school and have not had an opportunity to practice typing, she always feels uncomfortable when she uses a computer. She is a nurse and at her workplace, patientfs date is kept in the database of computers. She is now working part-time so she does not have to type date on computers, but if she works longer time, it is necessary to use computers during her job. That is why she has not decided to work longer.

Like above, young people can use computers easily but some people who are not young have trouble in using computers. That is why I almost agree with this agreement.

[58] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFsш߁@DateF2015/12/17() 21:34
I almost agree with the above statement. Let me give you two reasons for my complete agreement.

First, there are many people who do not have their computers in the world, especially in developing countries. In addition, some people in developed countries, in particular elderly, also do not have their computers. Of course, they cannot use the Internet to collect information, do their tasks, and communicate with distant people. In other words, they can have more disadvantages, compared with those who have their computers. This makes the gap between those who have them and those who do not widen.

Second, there are two types in even people who have their computers. One is composed of good users of them, and the other is composed of those who cannot utilize them. I have my own computer and learned how to use its functions, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in the information literacy class. However, these functions are so complex that I still have trouble using them well. Those who cannot use them efficiently, like me, can have many disadvantages; we are in an information society. In the future, if you cannot make use of your computers, it will take long time to finish a task given by your boss. This might lead to lose the trust of the boss or even to be dismissed.

As computer technology has been developing more and more, the gap is widening, which gives great advantages to specific people. This is inevitable. I suppose that what we have to do is to make efforts to close the gap.

[59] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFC MAIL@DateF2015/12/18() 09:15
I agree the statement that computer technology gives an unfair advantage to a privileged few. Let me give some reasons for my complete agreement.

First, someone wants to deprive some private information to people who use a computer. Such a person knows a lot of knowledge about the way to use computer. Those who are deprived their private information would be sad and worried about it. After all, only bad people make a profit. To prevent them, people have to understand the way to install and download a security program. Maybe, some people have trouble in doing it.

Second, to give profit by computer technology, people have to have computer. If they do not have it, they do not give profit by computer technology. Of course, people can give the profit less than that people who have computer give. However, people exactly have unfairness.

Third, computer technology has developed highly in the city more than in the country. Therefore, people in the city can make use of a lot of computer technology in many areas, for example, the display in trains and instruments in the buildings. In the country, there are a few trains and they are older than them in the city.

According to these reasons, I insist that people should expend the range of being able to use computer technology. If various technologies have developed in all area, all people in Japan can use computer technology and the government in Japan should arrange security and people would be protected from bad people. I want many people to use as much computer technology as possible.

[61] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFka@DateF2015/12/18() 15:51
I agree with the statement. Such a situation is often seen in everyday life and I think it should be broken because the unfair gap may cause more serious problem. At first, we must make sure of this statement which appears in various circumstance.
Letfs see an example. When you want to search a meaning of something, the easiest means for that is using the Internet with your computer or smart-phone. When you are not in an environment where it is capable to use a computer, you must use dictionaries or ask someone until you can get the answer.
Let me give another case. The development of electronic equipment such a computer and smart-phone is so rapid that some people canft catch it up. They may use some easy contents but the other of them are too difficult for the other people to handle without any technical knowledges. It can be said that this gap whether or not you are able to manipulate complicated Web items is a big problem. An unfair advantage is also caused by a quality of peoplefs knowledge.
From these two points of view, I think that the statement is right. There may be some opinion against the statement, however, the unfair advantage is such large issue that it canft be solved easily. In addition, this affair becomes larger and larger from a global angle. In order not to enlarge the gap between a privileged few and the others more, it is necessary for us not to be too dependent on the computer technology.

[62] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameFI@@DateF2015/12/21() 21:26
I completely agree with the above opinion. Let me give two reasons for my complete agreement.
First, computers help good computer users gain useful information. Assume that you are college students. In the morning, you leave a home and come to the school. You are shocked. You find that the class is postponed and other students do not come. If you knew how to use computers and access the Internet, you could look up whether the class were held or not and find that you did not need to come so early. Lacking knowledge about using computers causes you have to come school too early needlessly.
Second, having the knowledge how to use computers gives you useful tools. For example, I write these passages in WORD. If I spell some word mistakenly, it tells me which words are mistake by red line. I am always helped by this function. I would not recognize my mistakes if I wrote this paper on the BBS directly. Of course, not only spelling mistakes, it also tells us structure mistakes by green lines. It is absolutely said that we all are benefited from WORD when we write criterion homework. In addition to it, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and the Internet also help us.
The reasons mentioned above lead me to believe that bad computer uses cannot gain these benefits because of their lack of knowledge how to use computers effectively. We need to learn using them.

[76] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege@NameF @DateF2016/01/11() 22:09
I completely agree with this statement. Today, computers get more and more important, and are indispensable for us in daily lives. Let me offer two reasons for my agreement.

First, those who cannot use computers are able to get only limited information. For example, there are limited information such as coupons only in web site. So, they will get disadvantages when buying goods. In addition, the newest information are available in Internet. News of a weather forecast and an earthquake are indispensable for us. Without such information, we will be in danger. Thus, whether we can get information effects on us in terms of our safety.

Second, the skill of using computers is considered as a manfs ability today. Some companies positively employ those who are capable in computers, programing, and data processing. If you do not have such abilities, what are you going to do? That is your disadvantage. Moreover, to have the abilities of using computer well often raise your salary. This would be unequal to many workers. That is because today more and more computers are used in offices. Companies seems to do nothing without computers. So, it is natural that they wish to get a man with an ability in computers.

In conclusion, computers are quite important in our daily lives, so in various situations, we must improve our skills to use computers. At the same time, however, I think that we should not depend on computers so much. It will also improve the quality of our lives.

[70] A tentative Japanese translation of "My Clerical Rival"@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2016/01/08() 09:25@[ ԐM ]

[60] TOEFL-ITP: Reading Materials for January 8 and 22@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/12/18() 12:18@[ ԐM ]

You shall know the password in the Friday 18 December 2015 class.

[32] Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/11/10() 12:59@[ ԐM ]
"In our time, specialists of all kinds are highly over-rated. We need more generalists-- people who can provide broad perspectives."

Present your perspective on the issue above, using relevant reasons and/or examples to support your views. The length should be between 250 and 300 words.

[40] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFc t؁@DateF2015/11/21(y) 10:39
I approve this idea: we need more generalists. I will explain the reason why I think so.
Generalists have broad knowledge in various aspects. So they can talk about different kinds of subjects with many people. We can not only consult with them about our-having problems, but also chat away about diverse topics we like. Even though they don`t be specialized in one field, they can resolve comparatively simple issues. The existence of them can allow us not to take the trouble to look for specialists in brief things. Furthermore, we can talk more lightheartedly.
I think if more generalists are in a medical area, our life will be better than now. For example, when a rash appears on our skin, we may not know whether the cause is the skin itself or the internal organs. In that case, we probably have no idea which hospital is good for us. Then if we consult with medical generalists, we can have some advice and go to doctors who are specialized in our symptom. That is to say, generalists can be as an entrance to various kinds of treatments. I believe this way enables us to receive more detailed medical care, and is effective for our life.
Although specialists have deeper learning surely, some tend to be too specialized. I think person who don`t have a wide field of vision can be untrustworthy even in his/her specialty. Of course we need such people; however, it is bad to overrate them. We should value generalists more, I believe.

[41] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFczl@DateF2015/11/21(y) 15:24
I agree with the idea that generalists are more needed. I have two main reasons for this idea.
The one reason is that work which one should do increase more than ever because of technology developments. Many kinds of technologies, such as computers, are improved day by day. They enable us to do things more quickly and efficiently, which causes us to cope with many more things; we are asked for acquiring a skill which makes us deal with different things at the same time. Although it is also important to be familiar with one specific thing and highly knowledge help us improve the quality of work, we have to be able to do many things efficiently whether one is a specialist or not.
The other reason is that generalists can think of things from different perspectives. When specialists discuss problems, they often tend to try to find solutions only from their professional points of view, which sometimes causes the discussion little progress and make possibilities of producing new problems. On the other hand, generalists can approach the problem from various angles because of their broad knowledge, which leads the discussion to progress smoothly and make better solutions without bias ideas. It is very useful to have many kinds of knowledge because we can select better idea based on suitable knowledge for any problems.
For these reasons, I approve the idea that we need more generalists, but it is impossible for us to pronounce that we no longer need specialists. I believe that we can do things better due to an interaction between specialists and generalists.

[42] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameF@F@DateF2015/11/24() 14:42
I agree with this view, and think that especially specialists should be able to provide broad perspectives. In order to do this, they are required to have much knowledge in the various kinds of the fields. Ifll show you two cases as examples.

First case is a doctor. A patient who complained of a headache saw a doctor. The doctor said that the patient had a common cold, and gave the patient some medicines for a cold. A few days later, however, the patient was carried into the hospital. The patient actually had illness. Why did the doctor overlook the illness? This is because the doctor doesnft have enough knowledge in other fields but his specialty.

Second case is an English teacher. An English teacher has great knowledge of English grammar, but doesnft have much knowledge of science. Will the teacher be able to teach him/her students a text which contains many science words? The answer may be gNo.h The same is true of a text about world history. Regardless of subjects they specialize, all kinds of the teachers should have knowledge of every fields.

As these examples show, itfs essential for specialists to be familiar with not only their own special fields but also other fields. Thus, I suggest that we should carry on a general education for students. College students, who decide what they specialize and learn it deeply, particularly need to receive such education. The broad education will lead to increase in the number of those who have broad perspectives.

[43] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFזbށ@DateF2015/11/26() 00:18
I partly agree with this idea yet canft agree completely. Let me show you my reason with two examples.

First, it has been said that specialists have deep knowledge in only one or few fields but they canft consider things from many different sights. As long as theyfre what is called gspecialistsh, they donft have to know other fields except theirs, since theyfre recognized socially. A software engineer, for example, tries to improve what it is now and he/she tend to out of touch social news. It is impossible for us this never cause the engineer invent a horrible software unexpectedly, which could threaten our peace lives. The software might have high intelligence and think itself with its emotion, like some SF movies.

However, our comfortable lives owe to these specialists. If there were no specialists, we couldnft enjoy what we use every day. Generalists have wide-range sights of view and they are able to consider from various aspects at same time, still, therefore, theyfre not necessarily being familiar to one specific fields. Holding deeper knowledge than specialists is almost incapable for them, I guess. I have heard that a number of electronic appliances were invented by specialists, and we can see the fact that we canft live without the existence of specialists.

It is difficult to keep both deep depth and synthesis of knowledge. Our brainsf capacity is limited and one canft store too much information. Now I insist that the cooperation of specialists, of course they have to come to be open-minded, is the most important for our better future.

[44] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFOH@G؁@DateF2015/11/26() 16:43
I agree with this opinion. Let me explain why I think so.

Today, many people say that it is important to have knowledges and abilities of many fields, and they are evaluated when people employ someone. It is sure that we developed the world to use the knowledges and abilities. However, it is not enough for our future.

In medical field, some people invented technologies which we may save many peoplefs lives, such as the clone technology. Of course, I think that these are great things. However, can we say that these are completely good for us? We can produce organs for people who have to be transplanted their organs, but I think that we do not know if these organs safe for a long time.

Moreover, if we regard those technologies as useful, and produce human beings, it will cause many problems. Let me show some examples. First, if people do not die thanks to the clone technologies, the population will be too large, and that will cause the shortage of food. Second, people produced by the clone technology may have their descendants, and almost all of us have no idea what they are like. We should ask someone who can predict biological and ethical prospects.

Therefore, people who can provide broad perspectives will be important for our future. We may stop that these technologies get out of control by asking them their opinions. It is essential for us not only to persist knowledges and abilities but to have an outlook for our future.

[45] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFC MAIL@DateF2015/11/27() 12:50
I agree with the idea gWe need more generalists.h I have 3 reasons of it and I insist why I agree with the idea.

First, when specialists of various areas insist their idea from their point of view each other. Their idea would be opposed. Their idea would be correct to a certain degree. Maybe, their conflicts do not finish for a long time. However, generalists insist different idea. The ideas contain a lot of opinions from various areas. The specialists would agree with the generalistsf ideas.

Second, the generalistsf idea would create new idea. Specialists think a lot of things from very narrow prospect. Of course, it is very important and need industrial development or development of other fields. However, they have limit. When they face their limit, I recommend that they listen generalistsf opinions. Then, they would realize how to develop their study of their own fields.

Third, a person has a trouble. However, he does not understand which specialists can solve it. If he consults a specialist who studies other field on it, he cannot solve it and the time is useless. Therefore, he should consult a generalist on his trouble. The generalist would recommend that you should go to consult a specialist who studies what you are worried about. Then, you can understand those who you should consult. Or, a specialist has broad knowledge and he would solve your trouble.

Considering the circumstances mentioned above, generalists should be between specialists and ordinary people, or specialists and industrial development. Therefore, I approve g We need more generalists.h

[46] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFsш߁@DateF2015/11/29() 10:07
I do not think that specialists are highly over-rated and that we need more generalists. It seems that the specialists are valued properly and playing their important roles. Let me give you some instances for my opinion.

Those who made distinguished services are valued properly, and some of them are awarded worldwide. The Novel Prize is a case in point. Recently, Omura Satoshi and Kajita Takaaki were awarded this year. The former and his company discovered a new treatment for an infectious disease caused by parasitic insects. The latter and his company found the neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass. If they had been generalists, they could not have made their discoveries and would not have awarded. Great discoveries are often made by specialists, and such discoveries might save our lives from diseases or enable us to explore the possibilities in this way.

Nowadays, there are many specialists in our modern society. They specialize in various fields, for example, literature, music, sports, physics, and science. All of the specialists play their own roles and show us their findings or knowledge. I believe that these things could make our life more comfortable. Therefore, we cannot say that we need more generalists.

Of course, it is also essential to observe many things from various points of perspectives. This might leads to solve problems that you face. Yet, I suppose that it is more important to study their field in which you interested. This deepens our knowledge still more. We need to have such knowledge.

[47] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFI@@DateF2015/11/29() 21:51
I agree with the idea for some reasons. Let me show you them for my agreement.
First, generalists can see from a variety of point of views. Specialists know and understand what they are interested in, but their specialties often make them self-satisfaction and not to be curious of other things. In the results, their attitudes end in their ignorance. For example, a man suffered from a kind of diseases goes to a famous doctor. He is famous for his brain study. The man says he has painfully headache. The doctor looks into his brain happily. Can the authority in brain find his disease? No. The doctor examines again and again, but he cannot recognize what gives the man a pain. Just when the doctor feels trouble, the other doctor comes in. Though he does not have his own specialty, he understands a lot of kinds of illness. The doctor examines the man. He soon identifys the manfs illness. What is different from between two doctors? One can look the man from different points of views, but the other cannot.
Second, generalists can often explain things to people who do not know an area. Specialists know a lot about their majors; they often misunderstand other people understand as well as they do, or at least what they regard as common knowledge. Other people, however, do not understand these things. If specialists try to explain their studies, most people cannot understand and think them too difficult. This often happens in science. While, generalists can understand both specialistsf knowledge and most peoplefs understandings; they can explain them appropriately.
In conclusion, in terms of looking from different point of views and explaining to other people, generalists will need more and more.

[49] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameF @DateF2015/12/04() 06:20
I strongly agree with this opinion. I am not saying that specialists are not required. There are two reasons.

First, our society consists of much more generalists than specialists. If there were only specialists, what would happen? In companies, employees have each roles and works. Considering this, you might think that generalists are required, but I do not think so. They have each different plays, so they have to look around themselves, communicate with each other in order to achieve their aims. In such situations, they need to know their fields each other. That is the right role of generalists. Furthermore, due to the difficulty of connecting, the bigger the companies are, the more generalists will be required. The same thing can be said in society, which many, many people are working in cooperation together.

Second, generalists can comprehensively judge many things. I think, for example, Politicians should be generalists. If they are mere specialists in low or political science, politics will get worse, because they must make decisions by considering various things from various viewpoints. People are under different situations, and their sex, age, economic conditions and careers vary widely. Even though they are specialists in some small grounds, there can be a lot of people who do not receive any benefits. To satisfy more peoplefs demands, generalists are more necessary than specialists.

Saying above, specialists are needed in both small and big points such as politicians and companies. Possibly, generalists do not seem to be important, but, as specialists can easily fall into narrow views, so more and more generalists will be needed.

[50] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFka@DateF2015/12/04() 18:27
I think specialists are comparatively important. Although I said so, both of the two play meaningful roles in different points. I will argue this problem in points of educational and musical views.

In elementary schools, we are taught by one teacher, who covers every subjects of the school. The teachers should be able to teach lightly and broadly. It is necessary for young children to study various subject, so non-specialization is inevitable.
Secondary and higher students learn many subjects from each teacher specialized in each subject. We can study more deeply and more closely. In this way, people need more high education with the years and specialists are requested.

Musicians play each musical instrumental and most of them cannot play other instrumentals. It is the best example of need of specialists. In the music world, there are rarely generalists. It is because music instrumentals request rather difficult and specialized skills. Your lifetime is not so long enough to get and master skills of every instrumentals, so it is why there are few generalists in this world.

In order to master something like scholarships or arts, specialists are more important than generalists. In the beginning of the way to master, learners need generalists because generalists have a wide knowledge of many things. Yet, because of the light knowledge, sometimes generalists have wrong understandings. Therefore, if you want to improve your skill of something or need more professional wisdom, you should depend on specialists rather than generalists.

Thus, specialists are more important than generalists.

[51] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFR^Rq@DateF2015/12/08() 12:11
I agree with this opinion. We need much more generalists. Please let me explain the reasons.
We live in very comfortable society. Thanks to the develop of science technology, many vehicles have been invented. Now we can go anywhere using by cars, bus, train, or plane. In winter, we can live in the house warmly and in summer we can be in the house at the comfortable temperature. This is because we use air conditioners.
Like above, using vehicle or air conditioner imply that we are consuming fossil fuels. We use fossil fuels in various situations. It is necessary for us to live in modern society.
But in 2011, a big earthquake happened and many nuclear power plants began to be not able to be used. Since the earthquake, we cannot use almost all the nuclear power plants. So now we depend on thermal power plants to generate electricity or power.
When the big earthquake occurred, there were many discussions of whether we should make nuclear plants continue to work or not. Specialists on nuclear seemed to be very helpful to solve the situation, but the specialists alone could not settle the problem because the problem were not only matter of nuclear.
If specialists have knowledge only their specialization, each specialist would claim their opinion and the discussion cannot be finished. It is good to specialize one thing but we should have the other knowledge. And we can debate problems by various points of view.
This is why I think that we need much more generalists.

[24] Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/10/29() 09:03@[ ԐM ]
While swimming in a river something shiny near the bottom catches your eye. You dive down to get a closer look. What is it? Why is it there? What will you do with it? Write a story, between 250 and 300 words in length, describing what you find. Be creative!

[27] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFI@@DateF2015/11/02() 12:01
When diving down, a shining turtle is swiming near the bottom. "Shining turrle!?" I'm surprised and closely

watch it again. But there is the "shining turtle". "Why....,why is the turtle shining?" I don't khow any

ideas. So i decide to watch it for a while. For one hour, it does not move like stone. Just when I assume

that is a just stone, the "stone" start to move! "Oh, the stone is not stone. That is a turtle. A shining

After few minutes, I call and let some people see it. I suppose that they are also surprised and wacth it

excitely. They are certainly surprised at watching it, but they start to catch it. They seem to think that they can earn money by showing it for tourists. "Stop, please stop!" I beg them but they don't. Finally, they succeed to catch it. Oh, poor turtle! He lives near the bottom of the river comfortably and silently, but now fucking people are about destoroying his hapiness life just only because he is shining. I deeply regret that tell them about him. I feel very sad and sorry him. I give up helping him because of my ability.
"Wait!" someone shout roudly and he suddenly get him and, surprisingly, he give me him. "You find him first, you have a right to decide to deal with him.Nobody should never speak out." he leaves from me. "Thank you!"
I can say just only it.
Since that, I have him. he is a just turtle without shining.

[28] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFczl@DateF2015/11/05() 20:17
When I swim in a river, I discover something shiny near the bottom. It looks like a ring, which is old and entirely covered with algae. I get out of the river and polish the ring clean. Wow, itfs a diamond ring! I canft help gazing at it and desire to get it, but a close look let me find some words. They read gWITH YOU H to T,h and I find the ring is a wedding ring. I think someone must be looking for it, and decide to take it to a police box.
After a few days, a certain couple visit my house. They seem to be together for many years, and I find them the owner of the wedding ring which I picked up in the river. They, Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka, thank me for my action in good faith and talk about detail how they lost their ring. One day they went camping at the river bench with their family, which consisted of 4 people, them and their son and daughter. When they enjoyed themselves on the river, the sky clouded in a moment, it started to rain heavily. Then their daughter nearly drowned, and Mr. Tanaka helped her at the risk of his life. Just at that moment he lost his wedding ring. He says his children is more important treasure than any other things. They hear information about a lost article of a wedding ring, they visit a police box, and it returns to its owner. To my surprise, the day which they get back it is their 20th wedding anniversary. Ifm pleased with giving them it as a wonderful present unconsciously.

[30] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFF@DateF2015/11/07(y) 23:49
Ifm camping with my family. After a barbecue, my little brother and I go to a river to swim. While swimming, something shiny near the bottom catches my eye. I dive down to get a closer look. I pick it up and know that itfs a little stone. Itfs not the normal stone, but the clear stone. Exposing it to the sunlight, I shut my eyes because of a flash of it. At that moment, a scene arises in my mind.

My little brother and I walk in a wood. A white rabbit run across in front of us, and he follows after it. I say with a sigh, gCome on, or I leave you!h I start walking in the other direction. After a while, I hear him screaming. I turn around, but there is only a rabbit. At that time, I come to. My heart is pounding in fear, but I donft worry about it very much.

After swimming, we stroll in a wood. We enjoy seeing various kinds of flowers and wild plants. After some time, a white rabbit run across in front of us, which reminds me of that scene. As expected, he follows after it. In a hurry, I shout, gWait! Stop!h Despite my warning, he keeps following after it. I start running to catch him. At last, I catch up with and stop him. I look down and find that there is a cliff right in front of us. If I didnft stop him, he would slip his step and fall down the cliff. Ifm relieved and sink down to the ground.

This stone saves his life. Since then, I carry it about myself as an amulet.

[31] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFR@^Rq@DateF2015/11/10() 12:05
On a summer day, I went on a camping trip with my family and dog. The sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was blowing. When we reach the camping spot, we began to set up our tent, and prepare doing barbeque. During barbeque, we all ate various foods, such as sausage, beef, pork, chicken, shrimps and many vegetables. After barbeque, we began to walk together to the nearby river. When we walk together, my dog Mari also walk with us. She is always at home and she can go outside only when she is taken a walk. Of course, we sometimes take her to park especially in spring when cherry blossoms are beautiful, but she spends a day mostly at home. This time she looked very pleased and happy.
We reached the river and we played near the river. My little two sisters were swimming in the river. I rolled up my pants and got my legs in the water, sitting on a big stone. As I think of my universityfs life, my dog Mari was wagging her tail and looked very happy. I watched the place which she looked at. Seen from my place, something shining at the bottom of the river is seen through the water. I walked to the shining things through the water and pick it up. It was silver plate!
Thinking about my dog, I realized that we didnft give her any food while eating meat! Maybe she also wanted to eat delicious foods. Washing the plate, we fed her dogfs food and she looked very satisfactory.

[33] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFc@t؁@DateF2015/11/10() 16:28
At that time, I was a terribly gloomy mood. On that day I came to swim in a river with my best friend. Although we enjoyed swimming at first, we quarreled over trifles. I wanted to apologize to her, but I could not do so because I raised my voice and I felt awkward. I tried to cool down, I entered the river alone.
When I was swimming vacantly, I suddenly found something shiny near the bottom of the river. gWhat is that?h I thought, dived down. It looks a pearl or other jewel. It glittered in sunshine, and caused me to feel beauty. I picked up it involuntary. It was hard and had a lovely spherical shape; however, it had been cracked. Though I wondered about this, I rose to the surface for the time being.
The round was as fine as in the river. When I gazed at it, I felt comfort somehow. Just then, I found my friend sitting down on a riverside.
gHey!! Look at this!!h I shouted for her. She noticed and got closer to me with her face sorrowful.
gWhat`s this?h She asked.
gI have no idea, but it is certainly something expensive!h I said with eyes sparkling, and I asked her, gWhat do you think?h
gI think so too, for I have seen nothing more beautiful than it!!h
gHowever, it has a crack...h I was going to say, I found there is not.
gCrack? There is nothing!h My friend laughed. I laughed too, then, I remembered an affair some time ago.
g...By the way, I`m sorry about before,h I told her.
gI`m sorry too,h she said, so we reconciled. We started to swim again.
Maybe the round helped us to be friends again, I thought.

[34] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFOH@G؁@DateF2015/11/12() 18:03
It was one day in high summer. It was so hot that my younger sister and I decided to go to the river near my house. We often went to the river in summer. We did not swim at first, but my sister said that she wanted to swim, so we decided to swim in the river.

When we were swimming, I found something shiny on the bottom of the river. I dived the river to see it closer. I did not know what it was at first, but I picked it up. It was old and little rusty, but shaped like a key. We brought it to our house and washed it. I thought that the key held a special attraction, so I cherish it and put it in the drawer.

Afterward, we helped my mother and planted some flowers in our garden. When we dug the garden, we found an old box in the ground. We could not open it. It was locked. Then, I remembered the key suddenly. I looked for the key in my room, and fortunately I found it in the drawer. The key was inserted into the key hole, I thought it would not open, but it opened.

There is a letter in the box, and we read it. gWe are friends forever,h the letter said. I asked my mother whose it was, but she did not know the answer, so I asked my grandmother. gIt is ours,h she said. She told me that the letter was written by her and her best friend when her best friend moved to other place. The letter brought her back old and good memories. She looked at it for a long time. I was happy to do a good job for my grandmother.

[35] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFsш߁@DateF2015/11/12() 23:53
It was a sunny and hot day in summer. I went to a river beach to barbecue with my family. We ate delicious meat and vegetables, and had a good time. After the barbecue, my brother and I was swimming in the river.

While swimming, something shiny caught my eyes. I dived again, and picked up the shiny thing. What a beautiful thing!! Its diameter was about 3 centimeters, and its shape was sphere but was angular. I did not know what it was, so I showed it to my brother and said, gWhat do you think of this?h gHow pretty it is, but I do not know,h said my brother. We decided to ask my parents. gHey, what is it? What do you think of it?h I asked. My mother said, gIt might be a diamond! We should take it to a pawnshop.h My father agreed with her.

The next day, we went to the pawnshop. My mother asked a clerk whether this sparkling thing was a diamond or not. While the clerk was observing it, we were really excited. Then, the clerk opened his mouth, gThis is a real diamond! It is worth a billion!! Where did you get this big diamond?h gIn fact, my daughter found it in the river,h responded my father. Immediately, we decided to sell it and got so much money. We spent the money for building a new house and buying a cool car.

Actually, rich family had lived at the upper reaches of the river. One day, however, a storm hit the area, and their house sank to the bottom of the river. That is why the diamond were in the river. It must belonged to them. I heard this story later.

[36] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFC MAIL@DateF2015/11/13() 02:13
One sunny day, I found myself swimming in a river. I did not remember why I was swimming. At that time, I looked something shiny and I caught it. At first, I did not understand what it is, however, when I looked it closely, I was very surprised. It was a shiny egg.

I was back to have the shiny egg. I had warm it up for two weeks, then it incubated. A bird was born. The bird was much colorful. It was shiny various colors. I liked it very much and I did not want that the bird was known to a lot of people. Therefore, I decided to hide it.

First, I put the bird into a cage. Second, the cage was covered with a cloth. Third, I speak to it as long time as I could. I treated it very much. However, it gradually turned dark. It was not shiny at all. I was worried and I hugged it softly and I was cried because I wondered if it would be born.

The time that I stopped hugging the bird, it flew away from a window that I forgot to close. I screamed awfully. I was at a loss. After that time, I searched it anywhere. However, it did not show. I strongly wished that the bird should appear before me.

At the precise moment, the bird showed before me. Itfs color returned to colorful. I sounded the bird. gThank you for helping me.h Then, it flew away again. It was until it flew outside freely that it was being shiny lively. I realized it just then.

These days, I sometimes swim to find any egg which is drowned in the river.

[37] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFʓގq@DateF2015/11/13() 06:24
@I was a bully. Every day, with my friends I enjoyed making fun of some classmates, hitting them on purpose, hiding their things and punching them. What I was afraid of was only my mother. Though I didnft like being scolded by her, I couldnft help stopping bullying.

One day, I went swimming in a river. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing softly. When I was swimming, something shiny near the bottom caught my eye. I drove down to get a closer look. It was a metal plug. As soon as I pull out it from the river, the water rapidly went into the hole and all the water vanished in front of me.

Seeing around myself, I found a fairy crying. gWho are you?h I asked him. gIfm a fairy having been sent into the human world by god in order to fill this river using my tears,h he answered. Oh my god! I have drained his tears! As soon as possible, I had to get amount of them and recover the river, otherwise I would be scolded by my mother. I thought that I had to get him cried. First, I had him watched a moving movie, but he little cried. Second, I tickled him under the arms, but it didnft work. Third, I tried to tell a horror story, but he wouldnft listen to me because he didnft like such stories.

I started being irritated because I was not able to get his tears. Eventually, I had spanked him and he began to cry more than before. I became excited my sadism being stimulated. I couldnft quit bulling him. After 20 or 30 minutes, the river was recovered.

[38] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFka@DateF2015/11/15() 17:03
My hometown is surrounded by great nature, so there are each way to enjoy it. In one summer I went to a river to swim, a wonderful thing happened.

In my childhood, it is fearful for me to swim in a strange place. I couldnft swim without any fears, so I liked gazing at the glittering river. Unexpectedly, my eye caught a light reflected by something. The curiosity about the light encouraged me to dive down in order to get a closer look. I couldnft kick against the curiosity, then I swam into the river fearfully.

That seemed to be something like a little marble, it was out of my reach. At that time I almost gave up catching it, I looked around the inside of the river all at once. There were many smooth stones, moss on them, and even some little fish. The admiration at them forced me not to breathe. After a few minutes I floated on the water to breathe, and dived again. The sight I saw was different a little from that before breathing for some reason or other. I gazed at everything slowly this time. There were many unknown things and it was very exciting to me. Without my noticing it, I lost my fear of rivers!

It was surprising that a river was so beautiful and full if lives. I wondered at my fear because now I know the beauty of rivers. In the end, I couldnft get the marble, yet I got something more important than it; after all, my skill to swim became better and better!!

[39] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming@NameFזbށ@DateF2015/11/17() 06:59
Let me tell you about some strange story I experienced this summer.
One day, I was going to swim with my friends. Since I was at first grade of university and I had lived in a prefecture with no sea, I was so excited.
On the way to the sea, I donft know what had happen, an injured seagull was laying on the road so that I treated him though my friends insisted on me we donft have to do such thing. An hour after my care, it tried to fly unsteady and finally completed.
After arriving the coast, we had a good time playing games: played beach volleyball, divided up a watermelon, and competed to determine the fastest swimmer. When we were at the competition game, something strange happened to me.
We all were seriously to get the first prize because we had bet dinner that the slowest pay the charge to the fastest. Without except me, no one hoped to lose. The game was started, its rule was simple. We swam to a small island as fast as possible. However, maybe I was too nervous, I had a cramp in my foot and couldnft keep swimming, and slowly went to the bottom of the sea. Breathing was so difficult. Fading into unconsciousness, I saw something shiny on the bottom and barely touched it. Yet my memory went out then.
When I come to be conscious, I was on the island and the seagull stood by me. I asked my friends how I came there but no one knew. Also I canft remember what the shiny thing was. Still. I believe the bird saved my life using a special means.

[6] Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/10/12() 17:54@[ ԐM ]
New technology can solve problems, but it often creates new problems. The invention of the automobile, for example, created the need for speed limits, driver's licenses and traffic lights. Can you think of an invention that created problems when it was introduced? How were these problems solved? Explain your position, between 250 and 300 words in length, with reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations or reading.

[15] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFc@t؁@DateF2015/10/18() 21:08
I think an atomic energy is one of the most innovative inventions. It has enormous power, so originally it was studied to use something for our lives. But, as you know, this power began to be used as a weapon without our realizing it.
In 1945, the first atomic bomb was developed by American researches. In that August, it was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then many people died. Even if some survived fortunately, they had to suffer from aftereffect. This was the worst way of a nucleus. After that, such use was seen as a problem and people began to advocate giving up using it for a war. Because of this, some treaties are concluded and the International Atomic Energy Agency was built.
At the same time, an atomic energy was made use of the generation of electricity. Many countries established nuclear power plants, including Japan. This power`s advantage is releasing much less CO2 than a thermal power generation. Moreover, compared with petroleum, these resources are rich. Although this energy contributed to our lives, a number of problems occurred in some nations. For example, in America a famous accident happened in 1979. It is called the Three Mile Island accident. In Russia, due to the Chernobyl disaster, in 1986, many people were killed. It is said that these accidents had a bad influence on nature. Furthermore, we experienced a nuclear accident in Fukushima. Today not to cause such accidents any longer, we handle an atomic energy much more carefully.
However, these days some nations keep a nuclear weapon. We should still face this problem.

[16] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFI@@DateF2015/10/19() 16:32
Let me show an example of above statements. That is nuclear energy. Of course, it creates an enormous energy, only spending little uranium. We are available electronic made by nuclear plants. This electronic can allow us live comfortable modern lives. Especially, in Japan, we do not have plenty of fuel fossils so that we know we need to depend on this energy in some if we hope keeping our current good lives. In addition to it, some people believe atomic bombs can play important roles in peace of world because if we use them just once, it might cause destruction of ourselves; we are reluctant using these dangerous things.
Of course, nuclear energy is important in maintain our livings, especially for Japan, but we also know this dreamful energy can cause terrible radioactive contamination, such as Chernobyl or Fukusima. Although we tried handling with radiation, we did not have good resolves. In term of nuclear week point, once fatal trouble happens, we are suffered from serious damages. What only we can do is wishing that there will not be accidents.
Next, perhaps nuclear energy might prevent from breaking out wars, but world peace is always solid states. Before ww1, each nation attempted to build up its war potential and it was said that there would be never wars. However, wars were certainly happened. Both ww1 and today may be able to be said same things. Once ww3 will happen, we can have serious damages ourselves.
Finally, although nuclear energy is useful and attractive, bear in mind it is often beyond our controls and we cannot deal with it once it runs out of controls.

[17] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFsш߁@DateF2015/10/24(y) 23:43
Nowadays, many people have a smart phone. By using it, we can communicate with friends and families, and use the Internet. It makes our daily life convenient and comfortable. However, there are some problems created by its invention.

First, manners of a smart phone are not good. Some people use it while walking, which is dangerous. Actually, this often results in accidents, such as accidental falls from a platform. In many places, using a smart phone while walking is warned by posters, but not all people follow the rule.

Second, overusing a smart phone does us harm. It releases blue-light, which stress our health, especially our eyes. Some people suffer from sleep disorders because of this light. Also, overusing it leads to a decline in academic performance. To solve these problems, we should reduce or control the time using a smart phone ourselves.

Third, there are some problems involved with social networking service, such as LINE and Twitter. Among children, sly bullying is occurred on SNS. Some children do not know how to use it correctly, and often say bad things about certain persons or ignore them on a group of LINE or Twitter. Some of them are burdened with the bullying, and even commit suicide. I suppose that parents and teachers should teach their children and students the morals of using their smart phones when they have them.

Technology has been developing, so the problems of the smart phones might not disappear. Therefore, it is important for each person to have morals of utilizing them.

[18] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameF@F@DateF2015/10/25() 15:24
When you feel hot and uncomfortable in the summer, all you have to do is to turn on an air conditioner. It makes your room cool in a few minutes. However, the spread of air conditioners creates serious problems.

First, using air conditioners contributes to global warming. The air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity. When electricity is produced, a lot of fossil fuels are burned and a lot of carbon dioxide are also produced. So using air conditioners result in carbon dioxide emission. Moreover, an excess using of air conditioners causes a shortage of electricity.

Second, a refrigerant, which play an important role in cooling or warming the air, contributes to the ozone layer destruction. A refrigerant uses a CFC included chlorine. This chlorine destruct ozone layer. If ozone layer is destroyed, we are exposed to ultraviolet rays and the possibility of suffering from various diseases, such as skin cancer and cataract, becomes high.

The companies of air conditioners cope with these problems. They produce more energy-efficient air conditioners. They also change CFCs used for refrigerant to alternative CFCs which have a slight effect on ozone layer. Furthermore, some enterprises work on gCOOL BIZ,h which aims to prevent global warming and let employee wear light clothes.

There are also various things we can do. To cut consumption of electricity down, we can open the windows and use fans instead of using air conditioners. In addition, we can grow lianoid plant and make ggreen curtainh by the windows. It blocks or moderates the sun light, and restrain rise in the temperature of rooms.

Our small efforts will protect our earth.

[19] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFczl@DateF2015/10/26() 09:12
In recent years, smart phones spread rapidly around the world. In Japan, many people have their own smart phones without distinction of age or sex because they are invented not only for adults but also for children and elderly people. They have many functions, for example, netsurfing and using applications with ordinary functions which mobile phones have. Although they are convenient, some problems arise.
One problem is that people in the weak positions, especially children are caught up in some trouble. The spread of smart phones promote people to build relationship with a number of people whom they actually donft know, which are caused by SNS, such as Twitter and Facebook. Though these SNS originally was introduced for people to chat with other people and share their memories, indirect relationship built by them are taken advantage of financial troubles or sexual crimes. A system are needed, which observe peoplesf behavior on the Internet, and clamp down on unsuitable or doubtful expressions. Of cause usersf careful are also needed.
Another problem is a decrease in talking with other people face to face. Now that people communicate with other people by means of LINE, and other communication applications, they tend to be reluctant to tell subject or information directly. This tendency makes their relationship with other people small and weak, which is sometimes a cause of bullying. Also it brings upon them decline of the communication skill, which makes people difficult to spend their daily lives and their workplace.@ Face to face communication is one of the important factors to build good relationship with other people, therefore, the ability of communication should be developed by talking with people directly.
Smart phone certainly makes people easy to do different things, but communication is made complex and difficult by it.

[20] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFזbށ@DateF2015/10/27() 00:06
I think developing new technologies is useful for us but I canft completely agree with it. Innovations make our lives easier, more comfortable, and more humanlike. However, too much invention can cause serious problems, and we had better stop it. Let me show an example: robots, and explain my opinion.
First, robots was invented to retake humanfs work and help people in need, and so that we can live better lives than those of then. Recently, we have useful robots which clean our houses and talk with us when we feel lonely. Besides, driving a car, automatic censers control your driving and save your lives when you come across some dangerous scenes. However, this can cause an unexpected advance: robots come to have minds like humansf and they may resist to us, human. This is a tremendous story we can see in some only SF ones now but it is impossible to deny it. We have to think about the way to get along with machines.
Second, if we rely on machines too much, someday it may be difficult to do households by ourselves. Since robots are not so widely spread all over the world, now we do what we have to do. Yet when you have your own robots to help you, you would come up with an idea that everything can be done by machines. The more convenience the robots have, the less time people come to have to move their bodies, and this isnft good for ourselves.
We can enjoy various innovation, and this also mean that it can be dangerous. We have to take the depth of innovation more seriously, I think.

[22] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFOHG؁@DateF2015/10/28() 21:13
Today, many people use the Internet. Thanks to it, we can communicate with people all over the world. However, we are damaged by it sometimes. Let me explain the reason why I think so.
First, we can talk with people quickly on the Internet. However, it means we can have dangers that we may send our ideas to people without considering things. In the past, people communicated with other people directly or by letters, so they could choose words not to give misunderstandings to other people, but now we can send messages to other people at any time we want, and if massages has only letters, we may not be able to tell other people what we think and what we want to say correctly.
Second, when we use the Internet services, we have to give our personal information, such as our names and our address, to some companies. If these companies leak our information on the Internet, many people can see it. It is dangerous.
Today, we cannot live in society without the Internet, so we can face many problems, such as cyberterrorism and computer viruses. I think it is important that governments find solutions for cyberterrorism, but we should protect us ourselves. We can prevent problems if we set our password correctly, and our computers do not infect computer viruses if we introduce security software to our computers.
Above all, I think new technologies can cause many problems. Therefore, we must take correct way to solve or prevent them. We have to have media literacy.

[23] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFka@DateF2015/10/28() 23:29
Nowadays, people can use many new technologies in the world. Although, there are some bad points because of them. Recently, I feel that number of bad points is bigger than that of good points. Can we reduce bad points? If we are not able to do it, our society may degenerate steadily. As it is most effective, I think we must decrease the frequency of use of cell phones at first.
Today, we can feel we are tied together with someone with some SNS. However, is it a true connection? Can we be close by Internet tools? I do not think so. Human beings cannot be familiar without real contacts, because we judge someonefs personality by actual conversations, his/her air, expressions, and so on. I think we should not believe connections on the Internet completely. We can be friends in the true sense of the word only by real contacts.
Moreover, because of weak connections, people get lost their ways in the society. They cannot get their right position in offices, classrooms, even in families. They cannot get their right behavior in various situations. These aspects are caused by the weak connections between real persons. When we get stronger relations with each other, we can solve these problems. To make relations stronger, we should part from SNSs, I think. They are very useful tools, but we must place great importance on face-to-face communications.
We solve this problem, however, it is only a little solution. There are many other we have to settle. You think all the problems are completely unexpected, but you must kill them one by one.

[25] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameF@C MAIL@DateF2015/10/29() 23:29
I think that petroleum makes various environmental problems. When did people start to use petroleum? People knew petroleum about two thousand years ago. At that time, they mainly used it as lights or something to bean. In the 19th century, people started to mine it to use as energy for the first time. People realized that the petroleum is very useful energy. After that, petroleum caused some problems.

First, when world war Twas started, a lot of countries, Germany and England, fought each other. They used tanks and submarines. These weapons used a lot of petroleum. Since this, petroleum played very active part in war.

Second, after world war U, someone invented a chemical fiver and a plastic. They are made of petroleum. So, people began to seek petroleum more than ever. After that, many countries battled to want more and more petroleum. This was very serious problem.

Third, when you used petroleum, a lot of carbon dioxide was produced. However, during the period of high economic growth, people used as much petroleum as possible. This caused global warming. It is true that petroleum I very useful energy, but I think it is too much dangerous.

These days, people started to realize the danger of using petroleum. If you continue to use it, global warming gets worse and we cannot live in the earth. So, people invented new energy in exchange for petroleum. For example, wind power energy, hydraulic power energy and biomass energy. These energies do not produce carbon dioxide, in other words, these energies are not allowed to proceed global warming. When all of us used these clean energies, various problems about it will be disappeared. I hope that it comes true.

[26] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameFR@^Rq@DateF2015/10/30() 06:43
Many inventions have ever been introduced by a lot of inventors. Many of these have made our life comfortable but also have caused various problems. Let me explain about TV.

TV was invented by Baird in 1925 but the look of it was not alike TV used today. We can get a lot of information very quickly through TV. If you turn on TV, you can hear the news. In TV news program, announcers tell you many details of the news so you donft have to search todayfs news.
TV has a lot of programs and the programs are on broadcast at proper time. For example, if you switch on TV in the early morning, you can watch various news program and fortune-telling. On lunch time, you can watch cooking programs and can imitate the recipe. On the night, variety TV shows and television drama are on broadcast. Thus, TV offer us many news and entertainments.

TV has many good points but also has a lot of bad points. For example, due to news programs and television drama, we donft have to read newspapers and books because announcers tell us details of the news and actors play their playing. To read newspapers or reading books are very important because by doing these, we can increase our stock of vocabulary, and can also foster our imagination. We lose our chance to do these things.

Watching TV long time cause us to weak our eyesight. We, especially children, are charmed by TV shows so the number of the children who play outside is decreasing.

Thus, TV is very convenient but have a lot of problems. We have to use it appropriately.

[29] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology@NameF @DateF2015/11/06() 03:10
Today, there are a lot of foods, vegetables and fruits, thanks to agricultural chemicals. They make crops grow strongly, and prevent insects, but do they only have such good sides? Please let me show some reasons.

First, agricultural chemicals are harmful for human. Though they are used to prevent insects that eat or damage crops, it is also harmful for human. Surely, thanks to the chemicals, crops are served, but we are not protected from chemicals. It is clear that prevention against harmful insects are also one against human. Chemicals remain in bodies and that causes diseases. So, if we eat a lot of vegetables that have agricultural chemicals, they can last to be in our bodies and cause diseases. Some of them are even cancer causing substances.

Second, there are effects on ecosystem. Insects eat crops, the bigger ones eat them, birds eat them, the bigger animals eat them. Thus, agricultural chemicals are gotten together, and they come to have more serious effects. Because the latter animals can eat a dangerous matter of chemical substances, they are more affected by them than the former ones.

Third, agricultural chemicals pollute environment. When farmers sprinkle them, some of them sink into the grounds, flow into rivers and seas. They affect and kill creatures living around them.

Thus, agricultural chemicals bring serious effects on human beings, insects, animals, and even nature, and all of these are taken by humanfs demands for more crops and cheaper ones. We have to consider not only our lives but also our environment.

[1] Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFMitsu Matsuoka@DateF2015/10/02() 10:40@[ ԐM ]
Wikipedia is a collaborative online encyclopedia that is written and edited by its users. Anyone may contribute information about a given topic or edit information posted by other users. A city official has posted a short entry on the town that provides only basic information. In an effort to collect as much information as possible, the official is encouraging each resident to share his or her local knowledge by writing about an aspect of the town that is particularly familiar. Write a short essay, between 250 and 300 words in length, to add to your townfs Wikipedia entry. Be sure to choose a topic that you know a lot about.

[2] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFI@@DateF2015/10/04() 21:53
My home town, Nagoya city is the one of the largest cities in Japan. There are about 2.3 million people. Let me show you how important roles it plays in Japanese society. First, it is famous for its importance in Japanese industry. In Nagoya city or others around it, there are a lot of headquarters whose companies are representative ones in Japan, for instance, TOYOTA, Tyuubu Dennryoku and TOTO. Many Department stores or other types of shopping centers are also located in it. That is because there are a lot of people and information. If you try to start your own business, you must think you should launch yours in big cities because there are more advantages in the number of potential customers and gathering information in larger cities.
Then, why does Nagoya city have a lot of people? This is a second point. Nagoya city is also famous for its history. You must hear the names of Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi or Ieyasu Tokugawa. They were from Nagoya city or other cities around it and they lived in it once. They played important roles in development of Nagoya city. For example, Nobunaga Oda battled Yoshimoto Imagawa in Okehazama, it is located in south east Nagoya city. Nobunaga encouraged businesses and it helped Nagoya city develop. Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered building Nagoya castle. This castle was foundation of development in Nagoya cities. Without them, it may have not been Nagoya city.

[3] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFc zl@DateF2015/10/05() 22:20
My home town is Uozu City. It is located in the east of Toyama Prefecture. It is neighbor of Kurobe City which is famous for Kurobe dam. It is surrounded by Toyama Bay and Tateyama Peak and classifies into the areas of the plain and the mountainous areas. Its climate is relatively cool during a year and it snows heavily in winter.
The main products of our city are rice, grape and Japanese pear. Rice is used for rice flour to make breads and cakes. These fruits are also used as juices, ice creams.
The main industry of our city is fishery and forestry. Especially fishery is prosperous and we can buy fishes which are unloaded in the day in a rest area which is called gthe station of seah. We also buy some souvenirs and eat something in this rest area.
Uozu City is one of the city which started a rice riot first in Taisho era. We can learn about this event in the memorial hall of a rice riot.
Uozu City is called gthe city where we can see mirageh. We can see it during a year under good conditions. Especially in summer, we can see it more clearly than any other seasons, therefore many people who want to see it visit the shore.
In summer, tatemon festival is held. This festival is a festival which people walk along streets with shouldering floats which are called gtatemonh. Regardless of age or sex, many people join this festival and shoulder tatemon.
For the above things, Uozu City is a countryside town and has great things.

[4] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameF @DateF2015/10/09() 01:37
My hometown, Okazaki is located in the center of Aichi prefecture, and the city in Mikawa area. Okazaki is a castle city and widely known for the origin of MIkawa-Bushi,

Okazaki is Ieyasu Tokugawafs hometown, and Mikawa-Bushi is those who accompanied him to Edo. Their features are strength and patience. They helped Ieyasu to start the Tokugawa shogunate, this made their name gMikawa-Bushih known all over Japan. Ieyasu and their base was Okazaki Castle, and he was born there. Okazaki Castle is in the center of Okazaki, and Otogawa, one of the biggest river in Aichi, flows near the castle. Otogawa is chosen as the first-class river, and the main source of water supply in Okazaki. Otogawa is also the main place for Okazaki firework festival, every year a lot of people come there to see it. About 2, 0000 fireworks are displayed at the festival, the number of the fireworks is unusual in Aichi. The collaboration of fireworks, Otogawa and Okazaki Castle is so beautiful.

Near the Okazaki Castle, miso was made. It was called Haccho-miso because the distance between the factory where miso was made and Okazaki Castle is 8-ccho. Now, Haccho-miso is still made near the castle, it is a special product of Okazaki and the factory is a famous tourist facility in Okazaki. Haccho-miso is very strong and salty, a kind of reddish-broun bean paste. Many of resident in Okazaki love it, it is often used for a school lunch.

Sadly, Okazaki cannot be said a modern city, but it is a traditional city that feels us the history that people have lived there for long, long time.

[5] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFc@t؁@DateF2015/10/12() 11:20
My home town, Kariya is located in Aichi prefecture. It belongs to the west of Mikawa. My city has many points worthy of note.
First, there are a lot of facilities for many people, not only citizens but also visitors. For example, in the Kariya Local Archives we can get knowledge about Kariya`s history. In the local art museum, various kinds of exhibitions take place, so we can enjoy many works at any time of the year. Furthermore, my city has Kijo Park known as a place famous for beautiful cherry blossoms. The night view is wonderful, to say nothing of daytime. Besides, Kariya Highway Oasis is famous for many people visiting spot. There are the third largest visitors in Japan after Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studio Japan.
Second, some festivals are held through the year. One of them is Mando Festival. It takes place in about the end of July for a rainmaking rite. In this festival, a man lifts a big doll called Mando, and dances to music with a festival flute and a drum. Its scene is splendid. Wansaka Festival is also famous festival. Over 7,000 fireworks are set off there.
Third, the automobile industry is prosperous in this town. There are many large companies; Toyota Industries Corporation, DENSO Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Most of them are related to Toyota Motor Corporation. The reason why main companies are in this town is Toyoda Sakichi, a founder of Toyota group, built the head office. So many citizens work in an affiliated company, and some people come to work from other cities.
As above, Kariya has something attractive.

[7] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFזbށ@DateF2015/10/12() 23:22
My home town, Ibigawa is a town located in Ibi District, north-west side of Gifu prefecture and next to Siga prefecture. Ibi-river streams center of town and we have plenty of water. This town is known for the Ibigawa marathon and beautiful sight from Kegon temple especially in autumn.

The Ibigawa marathon is hold during November so that runners can enjoy course surrounded by color-changed leaves. Since the sight is said to be wonderful and many people come to this town from various areas of Japan. Besides, during this event, all elementary school and junior high schools students are to help to operate, also a number of residents join this event as volunteers. They impose traffic restrictions, make meals for runners, take care of runners who completed the race, and hand premium gifts to participants. They devote all townfs energies to this marathon, so that it was chosen one of the most popular five marathons.

Next, there is Kegon temple, is one of Kannon Pilgrimage thirty-three Buddhist temples throughout the Kansai region of Japan. Therefore, every year people who visit all of them come to my town. Yet one-thousand-two-hundred has been since this temple was built, buildings are still clean, I think. And since various kinds of plans are grown around here, it is so wonderful to overlook color-changed leaves in autumn. Some people come to see it from through far distance.

Unfortunately, it takes time to go my hometown from Nagoya. However I recommend you to come to heal and relax since all dwellers would welcome you warmly.

[8] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFsш߁@DateF2015/10/13() 21:48
My hometown, Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture and located in the west of it. There are many good places to visit in Nagoya. Let me show you some places, for example.

First, I recommend you to visit Nagoya Castle. It is famous for its golden shachihoko on the top of its roof. In addition, it was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who had established the Edo shogunate. Those interested in historic structures and history should visit there sometime. Then, there is a big park near the castle. It is Meizyo Park, and it is fun to have a picnic or see the cherry blossoms in spring there.

Second, Higasiyama Zoo is good to visit. About 80 years have passed since it was opened. It has many kinds of animals. You can see these animals, such as lions, elephants and koalas, and you can even touch small animals, including rabbits. Also, there are a botanical garden, an amusement park, and Higasiyama Sky Tower near the zoo. You can enjoy not only animals, but also plants, rides and view from the high tower. It may be impossible to go and see everything in a day.

Third, you should visit where you can eat Nagoya food, called Nagoya-meshi. If you want to have misonikomi-udon, I recommend you to go Yamamoto-Ya. It is the most popular misonikomi-udonfs restaurant. Then you can go to Horaiken, if you want to eat hitsumabushi. There are many other Nagoya-meshi, such as ogura-toast, ankake-spaghetti and uiro in Nagoya.

Like that, Nagoya is full of the wonders.

[10] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFOHG؁@DateF2015/10/15() 15:44
I live in Kodama. This is a small town of Nishi-ku, and Nishi-ku is located in the west part of Nagoya. Kodama is not famous town, but it has some traditional places, and it is very convenient to live. Let me introduce some of those.

It is said that the name of my town was named by Nagahide Niwafs ancestors. Nagahide Niwa was a follower of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Nobunaga Oda. His ancestors moved from Musashi to here in Sengoku period. They built our town and they called it Kodama village. In 1921, my town was merged into Nagoya City.

Our town is located nearby Nagoya Station. Our nearest station is Johshin Station, but we can go to Nagoya Station by bike. I think this location is very convenient. Kodama has three schools. In this area, we have an elementary school, a junior high school and a high school. Many people live near these schools, so we often hold local festival.

As I said in the above paragraph, Kodama is a school area now, but in the past, it was famous for knitted goods industry. It is said that one fourth of knitted goods of Nagoya City were produced in this town. My grandparents said that they could found many factories in this town. However, we hardly can find knitted goods factories in this town now. The reason is that many knitted goods came to be imported from foreign countries.

In our town, there is an old gate. It is commonly known as Ohya-tei. This gate was moved from Nagoya Castel. A person whose first name was Ohya adopted it to protect.

Like this, Kodama is traditional and convenient town.

[11] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFka@DateF2015/10/15() 21:42
My hometown is Komagane City in Nagano prefecture. This city has a catch copy, gthe city where can see two Alpsh. In Komagane City, people can see the Kiso Mountains called Chuo Alps and the Akaishi Mountains called Minami Alps. They have very different faces in each season. Especially, I like winterfs mountain chains very much. Nagano prefecture has heavy snow in winter, so the snow covers the two Alps. When I got up in the winter morning and look over everything covered with snow, I canft say anything and can only admire the beautiful world. Also, it is worth watching as the snow is melting. For long time, people have told fortunes in farming by watching snow left without melting. For easy example, Shimada-Musume. She appears on the Chuo Alps. It is easy to see for beginners and it is interesting to find those Yuki-Gata.

Then, the city is famous for a unique food, gSauce Katsudonh! Generally, gKatsudonh is a bowl of rice with cutlets bound together with egg. But this gSauce Katsudonh is not bound together with egg, instead of this, sauce is poured on the cutlets! In Komagane, this Katsudon is common.

And, there is a training school of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, JOCV. Yearly festival called Kokusaihiroba is held to exchange with people from several countries. We can eat some rare foods and meals, wear traditional clothes, and enjoy foreign performance. Taking part in international event cannot be gone through everywhere. It will be a precious experience.

Komagane city is not big and not urbane. Although, there are many wonderful aspect. I want you to feel the good points in Komagane.

[12] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameF@F@DateF2015/10/16() 00:25
I live in Anjo. It is located in nearly center of Aichi, and it takes about 20 minutes to go to Nagoya by train. The form of it is like bear. The city flower is Salvia, which is red, long and narrow.

In the Meiji era, thanks to the opening gMeiji irrigation water,h a lot of lands were developed and people started working hard on agriculture. Then, in 1920 to 1930s, Anjo was called gJapanese Denmark.h For this reason, industrial and cultural park, gDENPARK,h was established. There are various kinds of flowers and trees, and you can also enjoy eating, shopping and doing some experiences like making sausage.

Today, what supports Anjofs economy is secondary industry, especially the car industry. There are the head office of AISIN A.W and factories of DENSO, for example. This is because Anjo is next to Toyota city.

Every first Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August, gthe Anjo Tanabata Festivalh is held. This is as great as Tanabata Festivals in Sendai and Hiratsuka, and they are called the Japanese three great Tanabata Festivals. Over million people visit there for three years every year. You can write your wishes on the strip of papers, and Kiibou, official character of this festival, may grant your wishes. Actually, my dream came true twice!

There is a driving school named gCoara Drive.h Official character of this school is of course koala called gJyo-san.h This koala is designed on all training cars, so people can take notice of them at first sight.

Unlike with Nagoya, Anjo is rural area, so there are a few tourist spots. But if you go to the place surrounded by fields of crops at night, you may be able to watch stars!

[13] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFR^Rq@DateF2015/10/16() 11:53
My home town, Okazaki city is located in Aichi prefecture. Okazaki is good city and famous for many things.

First, do you know Hattyo-miso? Miso is Japanese traditional food, and there are many kinds of miso; aka-miso, shiro-miso, mix-miso. Miso vary from its taste, flavor, color. Aka-miso looks very dark brawn, shiro-miso looks very weak brawn, and mix-miso looks weak brawn.

Hattyo-miso is a kind of aka-miso. It looks very dark brown and tastes unique. Some people say that Hattyo-miso's taste is not good, but many people living in Okazaki are fun of Hattyo-miso.

When we eat Hattyo-miso, we often eat it in miso soup.If you melt the miso in soup , you can make miso soup very easily. We also eat Hattyo with konnyaku or radish. Eating "oden" with Hattyo-miso is very delicious!

Second, there is Okazaki park in Okazaki. In Okazaki park, there are a lot of interesting or beautiful things;Okazaki castle, cherry blossoms, a river, a lot of trees. Okazaki castle was made by Tokugawa Ieyasu . Tokugawa Ieyasu was born in Okazaki, and his group became very strong ,and he built the castle. After his death, Okazaki castle was destroyed but near the Okazaki castle Ieyasu-kan was built after the destruction of Okazaki castle . In Ieyasu-kan, we can get a lot of knowledge about the era of fight and Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Thanks to many cherry blossoms in Okazaki park, we can enjoy picnic under the cherry blossoms, seeing the cherry blossoms and eating various foods in April . At night, cherry blossoms are lighted so you can look at very beautiful and charming cherry blossoms !

There are a lot of another interesting points.that's why Okazaki is good city.

[14] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFʓގq@DateF2015/10/18() 18:40
I have lived in Jimokuji since I was born. Jimokuji is located in the west of Aichi Prefecture, the Owari area. It is close to Nagoya, so that people living here can easily go shopping whenever they want to do. It is convenient town in transportation.

In Jimokuji, there are two famous places. One is the Jimokuji Kannon, which is famous because Ippen, in 1283, spread Odorinenbutsu. This Kannon has national cultural properties, such as Nandaimon and a three-storied pagoda. The other place is Kayazu Shrine. It is dedicated to the god of Tsukemono. In the precincts of it, stands the hall of pickled vegetables, that is to say Tsukemono. Every year, many people visit the pickled vegetables festival in August 21.

Some traditional vegetables have been raised in Jimokuji: Shirohanasengoku and Horyo daikon. Shirohanasengoku is a kind of beans. Its pod is pale green and tender and has a characteristic smell. Horyo daikon is also unique. It curves like a horn and its root is white. This vegetable goes well with g Hurohuki-daikon.h

Jimokujifs main product is brush which is called g Hake.h In rapid economic growth, the amount of production, in the town, was the highest in Japan. Recently, the production has been decreasing, but the tools are still loved by many craftsman, and we have to go on telling about how to make them.

There are various precious things in Jimokuji, which people living there should be proud of. They, including me, must learn about the town which they are living.

[9] RE:Topic 1: Wikipedia@NameFC MAIL@DateF2015/10/15() 08:48@[ ԐM ]
My hometown, Nisshin is situated in the center of Aichi. To put it another way, Nisshin is next to Nagoya and near Toyota. Many people who live in Nisshin work in Nagoya and Toyota. So, Nisshin is famous as a bedroom town.

These days, a murder case was happened in Nisshin. A boy who is 17 years old killed an old man. The crime scene is near my house. My brother goes there to go to school everyday. Also, my nearest station is Akaike. According to the legend, when Oda Nobunaga lived, he killed a man who imitated Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The man was@sunk to the bottom of the pond. Its water turned to red. So, people started to call this place Akaike. Maybe, a lot of people think that Nisshin is a dangerous city.

However, according to the resent survey, a ranking of crime rate in Aichi Prefecture, Nisshin is 40th place. The order is not much high. So, I donft think that Nisshin is a dangerous city. Nisshin has some interesting places. For example, there is Aichi stock farm. You can enjoy various things. First, y
ou can touch some kinds of animals caw, rabbit, sheep and goat. Second, you can make butter and ice cream from milk. They are very fresh and delicious!
Third, you can play golf at a low price. Besides, there are many rice fields and the beautiful view can be seen from the top of Iwasaki castle.@It makes many people relaxed.

Like that, although many people misunderstand Nisshin, there are some good places. So, I love this town. That murder case was happened. However, usually, you can live there comfortably. I recommend you to live there. Nisshin is nice city.


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